Why a site dedicated to client/agency pitch practices?

Our marketing communications world is changing at a rapid pace, yet the IPA & ISBA found that most clients were still using the same old agency pitch process – in fact our research showed that some pitches were even getting longer, and consequently the costs for our industry were escalating. The IPA and ISBA collectively decided to take a long hard look at the subject to try and provide some facts, inject new thinking and look for new ways of pitching which were more appropriate to 21st century business.

We set up a task force of senior clients and agency heads and conducted research amongst clients and agencies to determine current practices and attitudes to pitching, and importantly to establish the real costs of pitching.

Our research into the cost of pitching uncovered major differences between client perceptions and agency realities. To give you some idea, clients perceive agency pitch costs to be in the region of £31k for a large pitch. However, the reality is it costs agencies more like £178K (approx. 99 man days).

What also emerged was that pitches are increasingly becoming longer, more inefficient and more expensive than ever before. However the research also revealed that 58% of clients recognised the need for a new type of pitch process and a core of visionary clients were already experimenting with different pitch approaches.

This site has been created to provide everyone with an interest in this subject with access to best practice guidelines in the form of The 6 Principles, to our research, topical articles, relevant training and events, and a view of what’s happening on pitches internationally.

If you would like to find out more, or have views to share, please drop us an email.