What is the most exciting thing about pitching?

    Seeing colleagues experience the pitch process for the first time, flourish in it and pleasantly surprise themselves. Every pitch is an opportunity to Know More than yesterday, no matter what your role, level or experience.


    What piece of advice would you give clients who are putting their business up to pitch?

    The response from your agencies will only be as good (if not better…) as the brief given to them.   Being honest and open at the briefing stage is integral to finding the right agency to suit your needs.


    Tell us about your best / worst pitch moment.

      My worst pitch moment was getting stuck in a lift for 20 minutes with clients on the way to the pitch room, with the agency pitch team waiting to present.

      My best pitch moment was going on to win that pitch anyway.


      What single thing do you think is most important for clients to realise when pitching?

        Pitching costs agencies. Having a concise timetable (and sticking to it) and including contract negotiations within the timings assuages long processes and this, in turn, keeps costs down.


        What one thing would you like to change about pitching today?

          Make at least one face-to-face meeting mid-pitch mandatory.

          All too often a brief lands with a pitch date and communication between client and agency as good as ceases.  I believe that ongoing communication during pitches improves the experience for everyone.


          Please submit any ideas or experience with alternative pitch processes.

            Something I’d like to try out is very different to the typical process as we know it – complete the pitch process in a day.

            Starting with a shortlist of agencies and going in to each of their offices for a full day, being provided with unrestricted access to everywhere and everyone. Interview employees at all levels, experience the culture of the agency for yourself and see the brief being worked on live.  It’s a no frills approach, but there is no better way to truly know which agency is best for you than experiencing ‘a day in the life of’ first hand.


            Anna-Liisa Goshawk, New Business and Marketing Manager, Rocket, Omnicom Media Group UK


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