IPA and ISBA publish six key principles for media pitches

The IPA and ISBA have produced six media pitch principles to help ensure a more efficient, cohesive and cost effective media pitch process for both clients and agencies.

This latest guidance has been created by the IPA and ISBA as a follow up to its existing six pitch principles, and acknowledges the evolving remit of media agencies and the rise of e-auctions in the pitching process.

Cormac Loughran, Co-Chair of the IPA New Business and Marketing Group and CMO, Aegis Media UK, says: “By setting out this guidance we hope to encourage more open dialogue between clients and agencies, more collaboration, fewer surprises and ultimately less waste from the pitch process. I implore any media agency or client about to embark on a media pitch to not only make these principles their first port of call, but to use them throughout the process to ensure a mutually beneficial outcome.”

Debbie Morrison, ISBA’s Director of Consultancy & Best Practice, says: “The health of any client/agency relationship depends to a large extent on trust, clarity and respect between parties. With media pitches becoming increasingly competitive and complicated, it is to everyone’s advantage to ensure the foundations of their relationships are strong, right from the start. These principles will provide the blueprint for both clients and media agencies to achieve strong and productive partnerships.”