Why a site dedicated to client/agency pitch practices?

Our marketing communications world is changing at a rapid pace yet the IPA & ISBA found that most clients were still using the same old agency pitch process – in fact our research showed us that some pitches were even getting longer, and consequently the costs for our industry were escalating. The IPA & ISBA decided collectively to take a long hard look at the subject to see if we could provide some facts, inject new thinking and look for new ways of pitching which were more appropriate to 21st century business.

Our objective was to invigorate the pitch debate and provide a platform for the exchange of views. A task force was put together of senior clients and agency heads. We had many volunteers and it seemed like everyone wanted to open up and talk about pitching, which was great – click on the video link above to hear their views.

Through our conversations we realised that most marketing professionals do very few pitches in their working career. Consequently one of our key learnings was that people needed reminding about what a good pitch looks like. We also found that clients mainly defaulted to the old pitch method they had last used without thinking whether there was an alternative, more effective, way of running the pitch this time round.

Our research into the true cost of pitching uncovered major differences between client perceptions and agency realities.

This site has been created to provide everyone with an interest in this subject with some key principles, access to our research, hear the direct views of clients and agencies, related articles and live conference presentation, a view of what’s happening on pitches internationally, and available training and events. Most importantly we have created a blog for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas and views on pitching – have a good look round the site and add your voice to the debate.