Chemistry Pitch

NB: in design agency pitches, a chemistry pitch would be referred to as a credentials pitch.

This process does exactly what it says on the tin!  The client makes their decision on who to appoint after the chemistry meetings, effectively enlisting an agency partner to then work with on developing the overall scope of work and the ‘big idea’.

Example: Brand Consultancy: the client may need the specialist help of a brand consultant to help understand and define the problem and the best solution, one approach could be to carry out a ‘Brand Audit’.  Therefore, a pitch process that enables the client to identify and appoint an agency partner based on their strategic approach, culture and relevant experience is required.

When to consider a chemistry pitch:

  • Where a hybrid of capabilities are required
  • Where a more specialist set of capabilities and/or particular market knowledge/experience is required
  • When a fully mocked up creative solution is not required
  • The client wishes to explore agency capabilities in depth without a formal pitch
  • If you need a quicker/swifter decision
  • If you need a strategic rather than a full creative view
  • If you have limited resource and need to save time and money
  • If you need to find an agency or consultancy partner and get them on board in order to help you define the ultimate brief

Process for a Chemistry Pitch

  • Creation of the brief
    The upfront requirement needs to be absolutely clear as there will be no ‘creative’ solution on which to judge the agency
    Manage your stakeholders’ expectations in terms of what this type of pitch can deliver (i.e. not a fully worked solution)
  • Identification of long list of agencies
    As this element is of even more importance, it may require specialist input or support from someone who has intimate knowledge of the market.
  • Gathering credentials (RFI)
    Essential to establish capabilities
  • Shortlisting
    Ensure decision maker is involved
  • Chemistry Pitch
    – Set up NDA
    – Develop clear brief of what is going to be expected of the agency on the day and ensure the agency gets this ASAP so that they have the maximum time to prepare.
    – Evaluation criteria & decision making process – consider sharing this with agency so they can ensure they structure their pitch accordingly.
  • Appointment

Estimated Timeframe: By following the instructions above, and with appropriate preparation, a Chemistry pitch can be completed in 1 month from start to finish, or shorter if intimate knowledge of the market is held.