No Pitch, Pitch

This option tackles the regular scenario of clients and agencies going through a full competitive pitch only to see the incumbent agency be re-awarded the business.  In a No Pitch Pitch only the incumbent agency is asked to re-pitch for the business, as if it was a brand new potential client.

When to consider a No Pitch, Pitch:

Example: If a client feels that there is a strong chance the incumbent agency could win a competitive pitch, but that there are a few things that would need to change about how the account is run, a frequent expression used is that the Creative or Relationship has ‘gone off the boil’.

Running a No Pitch, Pitch enables the client to deliver a fresh brief to the incumbent agency as if it were a new agency relationship, and allows the agency to pitch as though the existing client was a brand new prospect.  The agency has the chance to fully change the existing team, showcase new skills and ideas and deliver a new strategic direction or creative approach. This option gives you the opportunity to potentially avoid a full competitive tender or pitch dramatically reducing the time, cost and resource required for a full pitch.

Process for a No Pitch, Pitch

Do a chemistry session with your agency so they can showcase work of other clients and their full capabilities, as you may not be aware of their full offering and how the agency has developed over time.

  • Pitch briefing session
  • Tissue session
  • Pitch day
  • (Possibly) Pitch day 2
  • Decision

Note: Pitch in a Day (PIAD) can work really well in this situation as it allows the client to actively participate in the strategic and creative development and really see their agency at work.

Estimated Timeframe: a standard No Pitch, Pitch could happen 4 weeks after the pitch brief is delivered, including a Tissue Session. If the Pitch in a Day option is selected, obviously this can become much a shorter process.