Tissue Pitch

This approach works well when the client wishes to quickly explore an agency’s creative and strategic capabilities against their brief but does not require a fully worked up creative solution.

Example: Social Media – this has worked well for clients with a swift, challenging and brave culture, as these types of clients often seek an agency and a pitch process to emulate this.

When to consider a Tissue Pitch

  • Client is open to different solutions and = “brave”
  • When the client wishes to see how an agency develops ideas and thinking
  • A tissue pitch is not about fully worked up scenarios – it’s all about ideas at speed!
  • A tissue pitch is perfect for social because it can showcase the agencies monitoring skills which can provide insight about the brand’s social presence, enabling strategy and ideas to be developed quickly.
  • When broad strategy and creative is needed swiftly (this is not about getting the agency to provide fully developed ideas).

Process for a Tissue Pitch

  • Creation of brief
    The upfront requirement needs to be absolutely clear as the process is much shorter and the agency may need more direction
    Manage your stakeholders expectations in terms of what this type of pitch can deliver (i.e. not a fully worked solution)
  • Identification of long list of agencies
    As this element is of even more importance, it may require specialist input or support from someone who has intimate knowledge of the market.
  • Gathering credentials (RFI)
    Essential to establish capabilities
  • Shortlisting
    Ensure decision maker is involved
  • Chemistry meetings
    Set up NDA
    Develop clear brief of what is expected of the agency at this stage
  • Tissue Pitch briefing
    All agencies together
    Q&A – (separately)
    Provide clear guidelines on how the process is going to run and what is expected of the agencies (including negotiations)
  • Tissue Pitch
    Two weeks later
  • Appointment

Estimated Timeframe: Given enough preparation it is possible to carry out a Tissue Pitch in two weeks from delivery of Pitch Brief to the Tissue Pitch.