CRM – complex by its very nature differs considerably from traditional channels, but it is a business strategy for starters. Applying the same pitch processes, principles and briefing practices as other Comms disciplines does not necessarily deliver the best results. In this session Liz Barnsdale, Managing Director, AIS and David Yates, PlanningDirector, Elvis – both leading CRM specialists – talked the recurring theme of complexity around CRM and the lack of shared language and shared understanding, leading them to the exploration and creation of a simplified CRM briefing structure.


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Steve Jobs. Google. The former Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King. Game, the high street retailer for gamers and one of the ‘fastest’ companies in the UK to go from bankruptcy to being re-listed on the stock exchange. What is common between them? A big Organising Idea.
The evening session of Day 3 was led by 101 London and the agency client Game to discuss the concept of the organising idea and its potential to influence a business and its legacy.


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Day 3 of ISBA/IPA Good Brief Week, hosted by Karmarama, was presented by Darren Woolley, a flamboyant Australian marketing consultant who flew in from Melbourne to talk about the myth that is agency collaboration.

I am here to debunk the thought that agencies can work collaboratively, he said and asked the audience to rate their own qualities that are necessary for great collaboration


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And now the final blog post on the ground-breaking events at the Good Pitch Week by Stefan Bradley, Research, Insight and Operations Director at The Art of New Business.


Good Pitch Week came to an end with the inside story of Novartis’s 2011 global media pitch. Giving their unique perspectives on this complex and challenging review were Sharon Spina, VP Global Purchasing at Novartis Consumer Health; Tom Denford, founding partner of ID Comms and Matt Blackborn, president of emerging markets at winning agency Starcom MediaVest Group.

Novartis is one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies, with 5 divisions operating in 100+ markets, more than 50 brands on their books and $60bn annual sales. There had been no media review since 2004 and across the different divisions and markets there were ongoing contracts in place with 47 different media agencies.

By 2011, with TV effectiveness deteriorating and the need to partner with a digital specialist media agency, Novartis decided to call the global review. The aim? To replace the multiple agencies on their roster with just one media agency across all divisions and markets and move from TV buying to integrated comms planning and media excellence.

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