1. What is the most exciting thing about pitching?

Being part of a pitch team when there’s a cracking brief to start off with, where your pitch team gels brilliantly, where the energy stays high throughout the pitch, where the pitch content and presentation are spot-on and where both you and the Client know that the pitching team would walk over hot coals to win this business…and then you do.

2. What piece of advice would you give clients who are putting their business up to pitch?

Keep the lines of communication with the pitching agencies open all the way through (not all clients do!)

3. Tell us about your best/worst pitch moment.

Best – PHD’s retaining Cadbury and extending our win through picking up Kraft too. Superb pitch from start to finish.

Worst – putting on 5lbs through some very extensive product testing during the same Cadbury/Kraft pitch.

4. What single thing do you think is most important for clients to realise when pitching?

Allow agencies enough time from briefing to pitch to ensure that you get their best possible responses to your cracking pitch brief.

5. What one thing would you like to change about pitching today?

The volume of PowerPoint involved.

6. Please submit any ideas or experience with alternative pitch processes.

My alternative pitching idea is that you contact me via sam.phillips@omnicommediagroup.com to discuss any different ways you’re thinking about pitching – we’re always open to conversation.

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