As the Marketing Procurement Manager for a large fashion retailer and have worked in the same role for a number of large bluechips in the past.

Overall I think this a great site, and I think all parties would do well to read it. The secrecy section is really interesting – there are various perspectives on whether secrecy is valid or not. Budget of course is the most contentious one for me – I can see both sides.

Anyway, it’s interesting that the dirty word of procurement is not mentioned at all throughout the website. Even Richard Woodford’s job title misses it off.

A strong message that came though the site was process – this is more often than not down to the skills of procurement who manage the process efficiently and if the process is managed well by procurement both marketeers and the agencies can see the benefit of this.

I understand that aside from Richard, procurement/CIPS were not involved in the creation of the Good Pitch, and I’m surprised this is the case – if nothing else than to include views as to when procurement does or doesn’t work? This could be a learning curve for all parties (including procurement).

Don’t get me wrong, procurement can often operate in an unfavourable way, and at times has a bad rep – but we’re not all like that, and perhaps an acknowledgement of their involvement in the process is necessary to give a full rounded approach to the modern-day pitch?
I understand that agencies and marketing depts don’t always follow the same train of thought as procurement, however experience had taught me that both sides can benefit from procurement insight if it is approached in the right way.

There are often articles in various press highlighting procurement in a very negative manner and how they tend to have a negative impact on agencies and pitches – although saying that there are occasionally supporting articles too! I’m just surprised that given the often hot topic and the fact that it’s rare for procurement not to be involved these days, that it was totally ignored in this instance.

It would be good to hear other people’s views on this.

Hazel Cotton

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