Matt Williams of WCRS outlines Robin’s top tips:

As you’d expect from a man described on the night as ‘one of the most energetic people in the industry’, Robin affirmed that enthusiasm is still the most important asset to have as an agency approaching a pitch.

The quality of WCRS, he explained, was its ability to show gusto and relentless fervour that ensures that results will eventually come.

Appropriately, one of WCRS’ most recent ad campaigns was cited as a great example of this in action. In winning the Safestore ad business – a pitch against a number of other high profile agencies – WCRS forced the win by returning to the client on numerous occasions with new and exciting ideas. The passion and commitment to this cause ensured that not only did WCRS win the account, but the final work devised in the pitch was the same work that broke on TV just a month after the agency’s appointment.

But before WCRS bask in all the glory, Robin also cited that this was only made possible thanks to a brave Safestore client. This was someone who avoided the research process and made a decision based on his gut feel of how the work would do. Too often, Robin said, clients go with process and research rather than gut instinct, and it results in weaker work.

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Daren Kay, Executive Creative Director of TMW talks about his main take-outs from the IPA event, Pitching Legends: An evening with Robin Wight and Claire Beale.

 Aside from the obvious affection held for him by colleagues young – and not so – in the audience, Robin talked unapologetically and candidly on the night’s subject; Pitching Legends. On the issue of pitch-winning tag-lines for example, Robin talked articulately about respecting brand archaeology and heritage. Or to put it another way, ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!’ Not even in a  pitch. Something that led him to recommend BMW use the same line in the UK (The Ultimate Driving Machine) that the company already used in the US. He also praised Adam & Eve for keeping the WCRS line for Phones4U in their latest campaign. Also, he was positively thrilled with the re-vamped WCRS Churchill ad in which the dog is driven around town by Martin Clunes to the tune of Bonnie Tyler’s ‘I need a hero’. At the end, it is Martin not Churchill who has the famous ‘Oh yes’ line. Refreshing, funny, but heritage in tact.

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