What is the most exciting thing about pitching? 

Winning, and great ideas that the client buys and are then delivered!

What piece of advice would you give clients who are putting their business up to pitch?

Be honest, be transparent, be fair – treat your agency/supplier as you would expect to be treated yourself! This rarely happens if you ask me and intermediaries are a lot at fault.

Our best experience of a pitch in this sense was with Hiscox- we just lost but the client was brilliant at explaining the scoring (we won by 0.1% but lost out on ANO area). She and the intermediary took time out to explain everything and the client invited us to their offices to explain further – most unusual!

Tell us about your best/worst pitch moment.

The best:

Hearing we’d retained a piece of business against 12 agencies – we left no stone unturned and despite intense competition and a real feeling we’d lose it at the last we stormed ahead by 50% according to the client’s feedback!

Being told that a piece of collateral we had created was being put on the Marketing Director’s desk (he wasn’t in the pitch but the brand manager loved out work so much he made the effort to share our work).

The worst:

Being told we’d lost a pitch when we’d won on scoring by just 0.1%;

Hearing after the pitch (which we lost!) that the client wanted to hire us after the chemistry meeting!

What single thing do you think is most important for clients to realise when pitching?

Be totally transparent throughout.

What one thing would you like to change about pitching today?

The goal posts changing!

Please submit any ideas or experience with alternative pitch processes.

’20 Slides in 20 Minutes’ was a brief a client gave our PR company Weber Shandwick. I loved this because it really makes you work on your selling/persuading and telling the story in the best and most passionate way.


Natalie Yorke

New Business Director @UMLondon




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