After the pitch – FIRST 100 DAYS

So the excitement of the pitch is over. But it’s the beginning of a whole new relationship. How can both client and agency manage it to ensure a smooth transition?

Working in partnership with key industry figures, the IPA have developed The First 100 Day Charter. It sets out a timeline for what should happen by when to help clients and agencies establish a good working relationship as they move forward together.

First steps …

Begin by making it easy for everyone to communicate. Appoint a key individual as Head of Transition – their first task should be to establish clear lines of communication between both parties.

As it is early days in the relationship, there may well be no legal or financial contracts in place. So you’ll need to agree specific procedures, practices and payments for the first 100 days. Consider how the associated hours and corresponding fees will be negotiated for handover meetings with the incumbent, induction meetings for the new team. How will you be reimbursed for servicing the immediate needs of the business while working on longer term strategic developments or even developing creative off the back of the pitch?

Establish the rules …

The first 100 days are crucial in setting the foundations for how you will work together in the future. Use this time to establish rules of engagement. How/when/how often will you communicate? When will you use technology and when will you use face-to-face? What will the billing process be?

Evaluate …

After 100 days ask yourself if you’re working well together. Are there any research or knowledge gaps? Have you got the best team on the job? Does the remuneration agreement reflect the work required?

Forward Planning …

The results of the evaluation can help you to set realistic KPIs, agree key aspects of the SLA framework, finalise the business contract and approve performance-related bonuses. You should also be able to plan the scope of work and resource required and agree how you will evaluate and audit performance to maintain and strengthen it in future. 


The pitch is over, what happens next? This Charter has been designed to help clients and agencies manage the transition to a new contractural working relationship, and an open and honest long term partnership.

By Day 10

  • Confirm appointment of the transition team
  • Identify key stakeholders and reporting lines
  • Clarify scope of work for the first 3 months
  • Set expectations of relationship management styles using the psychological framework
  • Agree remuneration method

By Day 30

  • Mutual introduction of core team to the wider stakeholder groups
  • Mutual induction and immersion programme/events
  • Agree method and frequency of core team communication/meetings and how to overcome the inevitable relationship glitches
  • Confirm briefing, approval and sign-off process and responsibilities.

By Day 60

  • Complete handover of all responsibilities and assets from outgoing incumbent agency
  • Begin to develop an agreed approach to setting KPIs and evaluation process
  • Take time out to review how the relationship is progressing against the psychologicial framework

By Day 90

  • Review briefing, approval and sign-off process to ensure it is fit for future purpose.
  • Evaluate professional and personal behaviours and bring in new skillsets and people as necessary
  • Agree scope of work for the next 6-12 months and required agency resource and renumeration.
  • Agree KPIs and performance incentives
  • Set expectations for regular relationship audit and review